FET #1: Boba’s wombcoming.

It’s 9:30am on Wednesday 16th December and I can hear my phone ringing in the bedroom from where I am in the bathroom. So I do what every logical thinking woman would do, I neglect to flush the toilet and run towards the bedroom yelling at my phone to not stop ringing. I open the bedroom door so violently I scare my husband, leap over the bed and pick up my phone. It’s an embryologist from my clinic, confirming we give permission for our Boba to be thawed. I could not say yes fast enough so much so I made the lady laugh at my eagerness. I was told we would get a call back in about an hour to give us an update on how they thawed but for now our transfer has been booked in for 2:30pm. My phone starts buzzing again at 10:25am, I haven’t been able to stop my mind racing since the first call but somehow I get it together enough to answer the phone. Boba thawed really nicely and in fact continued to grow as if they had never been frozen in a straw for five months! At this point I was told that we wouldn’t hear from the clinic again unless something had happened at which point I told the embryologist that “no offence but I hope to not speak to you again”. Apparently this is quite a common reply!

I am not a patient woman, well more accurately I get angsty. I just want things to be right and go to plan. So to occupy the rest of our time before having to leave at 2pm my husband took me shopping for a special brunch. Double bacon and HP sauce baguette for me and for the husband chorizo, pepperoni, melted cheese and sweet chilli tomato chutney. I got sandwich envy of darling husband’s but he wouldn’t let me even have a bite because it would still be in my tummy come transfer time and our clinic says to avoid cured meat during two week wait. Hubby is taking things very seriously this time!

Fast forward to 2:25pm and we have just arrived at the clinic. After I booked in we only waited for about 10minutes before we called through to the surgical ward bit of our clinic. Once in our room we got robed up. We really rocked the plastic hat and hospital gown look. Just look at us

We make this look good💁

After a bit more waiting and getting a prescription for extra Progynova tablets and Cyclogest pessaries (I didn’t have enough to last me until OTD), we finally got called into the transfer room. We were so excited as this time the screen in the room was working which meant that not only were we able to see Boba before the transfer, we could get a picture too! More accurately E could get a picture as at this point my legs were akimbo in the air! Here is a picture of Boba E took on my phone

Boba, our perfect day 6 blastocyst embryo.

I am still in awe. To think we were once all this small, only visible with a microscope! That this little one is now inside my womb and snuggling into my lining. It’s amazing to me that this little embryo grew for six days in July, transformed from one egg and one sperm into a bunch of cells then grew into a blastocyst embryo. They were then frozen for five months, thawed perfectly and just got on with growing/hatching even more before being put in my womb! Amazing but surreal.

I’ve promised myself I will not test before official test day is Sunday 27th December. Just 10 days from now. I’ve got the best distraction for the second half of this 11 day two week wait (I know work that one out), meeting friends and of course Christmas! Come on little Boba snuggle in tight we love you so much already and you’ve proven how much of a fighter you are, keep going little one.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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