FET #1: Day 5 of Waiting.

It is day five of my eleven day two week wait. It is also day six of having a nasty chesty cough cold thing. I think being sick has been a good and bad distraction. On one hand it means I’ve been occupied thinking of the cold and trying to get better. On the other hand I had a couple of wobbles about if the cold and subsequent medicine will affect Boba implanting. I put these thoughts to bed after some reassurance from lovely Twitter ladies. Turns out strepsils and vicks vapour rub are fine to take/use, yay!

Today I am starting to feel a bit out of sorts. I’m painfully aware I only have six days until official test day! Six days! Three of which don’t even really count because they’re holidays and I’ll be super distracted! I can’t believe it’s been five days since our embryo transfer. I’m not feeling any symptoms from the progesterone pessaries, progynova tablets or from Boba. Or least none that I had with our failed cycle back in July i.e. sore boobs, fatigue etc. I’m not sure how I feel. As with the cold thing, the lack of symptoms is a blessing and a curse. Yeh for not feeling like crap (aside the cold) but argh because how do I obsess over being pregnant now?! This picture sums it up


I entered my transfer date into this FET calculator (used for a 5 day blastocyst frozen embryo) and it says I should currently be 3 weeks, 3 days pregnant. Mind blowing. I hope it’s true. I still feel 80% certain Boba is our 2016 baby but only time will tell. For now I’m taking that 80% feeling and clutching onto it.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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