An Endless Evening.

Today I am 9weeks pregnant and this evening has felt endless. From about five o’clock I had strong cramps. My husband was going out for drinks with work friends so although I was in discomfort I told him to go ahead with his plans. I held out for a while before I texted to say it was too much but I got no reply. I rang my Mother-In-Law to ask where the nearest walk in centre was, halfway through I burst into tears. My cramps weren’t stopping and I had noticed some spotting when I went to the toilet. My Mother-In-Law was amazing, telling me she would be round ASAP and told me to just relax whilst she contacted my husband. About 45 minutes later my Mother-In-Law arrived and told me to get in the car because we were going to the emergency gynocology department & early pregnancy unit (EPU) at a local hospital. I was so grateful, we picked up my husband from the train station and made the journey to the hospital. Continue reading


BFP and Early Weight Worries.

Once again this is a backdated blog, written before we announced our BFP. These feelings are still relevant though. I am not ungrateful but I want to show that wherever you are in your journey things are hard.

It’s 12:47 on Tuesday 12th January, my 7 week scan is just three days away. I saw my GP about 10 days ago to confirm my pregnancy and was advised to ring for an appointment with a midwife the first week of February. I haven’t had my 7 week scan and I haven’t had my booking-in appointment with a midwife yet, however I’ve already been talked to about gestational diabetes. Continue reading

Boba’s First Scan.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, today is the day of our seven week scan. Today I am 7 weeks pregnant and saw our baby for the first time since they were a little blastocyst in a dish in the clinic embryology lab! I went in feeling sick, I can’t say if this was nerves, excitement or simply morning sickness in reality it was probably due to all three!  Continue reading

FET #1: Official Test Day (backdated)

Before reading please know that this is a backdated blog. I wrote it on our test day but did not publish until now in case family members read it. I didn’t want them finding out via a blog post when we wanted to tell them after we have had our 7 week scan. Some may say this is a little early but honestly we know we could not hold this news in any longer!

It’s 8am on Sunday 27th December 2015 aka our Frozen Embryo Test (FET) Official Test Day (OTD). My husband and I are currently sat clinging to eachother’s hands waiting for the three minutes to be up so he can read what the result is on this Clearblue pregnancy test stick! Why does this take so long?! Continue reading

FET #1: My timeline.

Sorry for being missing in action on here lately. Truth is we’ve had a lot on, a family member recently passed away (on the evening of our OTD) and so I’ve not really felt like blogging. Things are still taking a while to process so OTD blog coming soon!

In the meantime I thought I’d share my timeline of my medicated FET. A few women on my Twitter timeline are doing a FET cycle soon and just like me before we started, have questions about what it involves. I remember looking for a timeline when we were about to start this medicated FET and not really finding one. There are a few variables between medicated FETs so please just keep that in mind. Continue reading