FET #1: My timeline.

Sorry for being missing in action on here lately. Truth is we’ve had a lot on, a family member recently passed away (on the evening of our OTD) and so I’ve not really felt like blogging. Things are still taking a while to process so OTD blog coming soon!

In the meantime I thought I’d share my timeline of my medicated FET. A few women on my Twitter timeline are doing a FET cycle soon and just like me before we started, have questions about what it involves. I remember looking for a timeline when we were about to start this medicated FET and not really finding one. There are a few variables between medicated FETs so please just keep that in mind.

I rang my clinic on day one of my October period. I then started my medicated FET on cycle day 23 (CD23) which was Sunday 8th November 2015, first day of Buserelin injections. I then had a Buserelin bleed eleven days later which meant my clinic could book me in for my baseline scan! After which I got the go ahead to start my Progynova tablets as my womb lining was thin enough. See below for the first bit of my medicated FET chart:

My FET medication schedule for 8th to 29th November

After a week and a half of doing Buserelin injections and taking Progynova tablets I had another scan on 7th December to check my womb lining, it was thick enough for me to start my Cyclogest pessaries a few days later. A week later I had my embryo transfer. A week and a half later I had my OTD. As you can see from the chart below:

My FET medication schdeule for 30th November to 27th December

Writing this down it doesn’t look like our FET cycle was very long but it did feel like it went on forever! From the start of our medicated FET (CD23) to OTD was 50 days. That is a total of :

  • 35 Buserelin injections (1 a day)
  • 96 Progynova tablets (3 a day)
  • 36  Cyclogest Pessaries(2 a day)

The Progynova tablets and Cyclogest pessaries would also continue until you reached week 12 of pregnancy.

So there you have it, my FET timeline. I hope it helps anyone with questions or even gives you a little insight into a medicated FET cycle.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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