Boba’s First Scan.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, today is the day of our seven week scan. Today I am 7 weeks pregnant and saw our baby for the first time since they were a little blastocyst in a dish in the clinic embryology lab! I went in feeling sick, I can’t say if this was nerves, excitement or simply morning sickness in reality it was probably due to all three! 

The nurse and sonographer were lovely, even going to get me a kidney bowl in case of a sick emergency. After confirming our details and that we were in fact who we said we were I was directed behind the curtain, de-robed my lower half and glamorously clambered onto the bed. I say glamorously but actually I fell onto the bed and had a fit of giggles whilst everyone querying if I was ok! Typical picture of elegance that I am. My husband sat down next to me gripping my hand tightly whilst both the nurse and sonographer stayed down the business end. Womb with a view if you will. After some slight pressure and a less than comfortable push the internal scan was where it should be. I was told it was standard to check the rest of the womb and then ovaries to see if there was anything that needed attention. Apparently my retroverted womb (it tilts back rather than sitting normally) “goes every which way” so they had to take a couple of photos to get pictures of it all, typical of my body not to make things easy. Add to this that for the first time ever my ovaries were hidden too, it wasn’t the most straightforward of scans. The theme continued but more on that in a minute. Once found my ovaries were beautiful and cyst free! I couldn’t believe it I had to ask the sonographer to make sure had heard her properly but I had. Both of my ovaries are as cyst free as they were back in November last year. My ovaries have stayed cyst free for nearly two months, amazing. Long may that continue!

After my general womb area and ovaries had been checked it was time to check in Boba. I’ll admit I knew they were OK because we passed them on the way to view my tilted womb and  shy ovaries. Now remember how earlier I said this hadn’t been the most straightforward scan? Yes, well it turns out Boba wasn’t up for cooperating either. In the words of the sonographer we have a “naughty shy little baby”. Their heartbeat was strong but they did not want to be measured at all. Seeing that little heart beating on that screen was incredible. I got a huge grin on my face and kept saying wow, whilst hubby cried a little manly tear. Our little Boba is snuggled in tight into a corner of my womb, yolk sac right next to their head, one flipper hand over their face and flipper feet right next to the lining making it difficult to be measured. After a few attempts the sonographer turned on the 3D scan function, it made all the difference. We saw Boba’s heart beating in 3D which was incredible and we got them measured. Boba measured in at 6 weeks 6 days. Apparently there is leeway of 3-4days each side but seeing as though today was the start of my seventh week of pregnancy I’d say being within one day was pretty good! I am new to this though so who really knows?

Boba at 7weeks, looking more like a jelly any than a real baby!

After a wipe and redressing my lower half we sat back down to have a small chat with the sonographer and nurse. This was mainly about the funding I’m still eligible for (spoilers none after a live birth as we have no other frosties), getting a prescription for enough Progynova tablets/Cyclogest pessaries to last until 12weeks and to give me some forms for midwife/GP. I can’t fault my clinic at this point. I’ve always felt like more than just a number and everyone involved in this appointment including reception staff congratulated us.

We’re both walking on air right now. Our family are so happy for us and it feels amazing to be able to tell people that we are an IVF FET success story! Next step is a booking in appointment with a midwife on Thursday 4th Feb! Eep! I’m so excited as it is in the same hospital my fertility clinic is based in. I was right, all those appointments that I came out of and said to my husband “one day we’ll have our baby here” it’s a dream come true. After my initial appointment I will get a referral to a specialist neurology antenatal clinic. This is to make sure that with my Epilepsy I am getting the best antenatal care that I can. I’m relax impressed with my hospital already. As someone with Epilepsy I cannot stress enough how important and reassuring it is to know my midwife and ultimately consultant led maternity ward, understand my condition. That every decision will be thought out carefully considering me in mind and tailoring it to my needs.

It’s scary but so exciting, bring on the next 33weeks!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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