FET #1: Official Test Day (backdated)

Before reading please know that this is a backdated blog. I wrote it on our test day but did not publish until now in case family members read it. I didn’t want them finding out via a blog post when we wanted to tell them after we have had our 7 week scan. Some may say this is a little early but honestly we know we could not hold this news in any longer!

It’s 8am on Sunday 27th December 2015 aka our Frozen Embryo Test (FET) Official Test Day (OTD). My husband and I are currently sat clinging to eachother’s hands waiting for the three minutes to be up so he can read what the result is on this Clearblue pregnancy test stick! Why does this take so long?! God bless being able to talk aloud and technology transfer my waffling down into words on a screen! Why has it only been one minute?! What is with that? What even is time?! Did I pee on the stick properly? Did I pee on it enough? Oh no, what if I didn’t pee on it enough? Is that even possible? Of course it’s possible and it would totally affect how much HCG the test would pick up. Oh god it’s been two minutes. One more minute. Will this be a happy or miserable end to what has been an emotional and hard year? Will I be getting really drunk on New Year’s Eve? Or will I be happily sober? Ah three minutes, it’s been three minutes, oh shit I don’t want to see. Ian you read it. Oh pregnancy stick master read me the news.

Is that? Wait, what is that? Is that positive? Are we? Are we having a baby? Oh shit Ian am I pregnant? I think you are! Omg no way.

Our first ever BFP!

That is most definitely a positive test. I’m not seeing things. That is our first ever positive pregnancy test. I’m pregnant. We’re having a baby. According to the FET calculator four weeks two days pregnant with an estimated due date of Friday 2nd September. I’m having a sober New Year’s Eve! I need to ring my clinic but because of Christmas and Bank Holidays I can’t ring them until Tuesday. How can I keep this in until Tuesday? I want to know my 7 week scan date! I need to see my Boba again. Our beautiful strong little Boba. Who is indeed going to be our 2016 baby!

We’ve made a pact to tell only my parents, Ian’s mum and a few friends. Not sure how long that will last, I want everyone to know that my baby exists. I want people to feel the joy I’m feeling about this news, to feel every moment of happiness that has come with this. Honestly I’m so excited, grateful and feeling very lucky for this moment. I wasn’t sure it would happen for us and I can’t stop looking at that pee stick. It’s beautiful and all I want is for everyone to experiment this feeling. Although I wouldn’t recommend screaming “I’m pregnant” neighbours may give you funny looks later on that day.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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