An Endless Evening.

Today I am 9weeks pregnant and this evening has felt endless. From about five o’clock I had strong cramps. My husband was going out for drinks with work friends so although I was in discomfort I told him to go ahead with his plans. I held out for a while before I texted to say it was too much but I got no reply. I rang my Mother-In-Law to ask where the nearest walk in centre was, halfway through I burst into tears. My cramps weren’t stopping and I had noticed some spotting when I went to the toilet. My Mother-In-Law was amazing, telling me she would be round ASAP and told me to just relax whilst she contacted my husband. About 45 minutes later my Mother-In-Law arrived and told me to get in the car because we were going to the emergency gynocology department & early pregnancy unit (EPU) at a local hospital. I was so grateful, we picked up my husband from the train station and made the journey to the hospital.

We waited about two hours before I was seen by the doctor. After going through everything with him ie cramping, spotting, epilepsy and IVF, I was directed to the table for an internal exam. There was no sign of the origin of the blood whilst my cervix looked “nice and tight” apparently. I was given a date for an EPU scan to check baby “isn’t in too much distress” and growing well. Usually this is within 72 hours but seeing as though our visit was on a Friday, I have to wait until Tuesday 2nd Feb for my scan.

I feel like everything with Boba is ok and the cramps were probably a result of my womb stretching ready for Boba’s growth spurts. Nevertheless this next three days will be a hard wait! I know Boba is our take home baby, it doesn’t mean you don’t worry though!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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