Booking In.

Well today was another milestone in our baby journey! We had our booking in appointment with a midwife today. After we get all booked in I will be referred to the Neuro Antenatal Clinic,which I mentioned briefly in the last paragraph of this post. The Neuro Antenatal Clinic has consultant lead care and midwife who have more than basic understanding of neurological conditions. As someone with Epilepsy I can’t express how amazing this is. To know that I’ll be able to talk about my Epilepsy and seizure types without having to explain everything I’m saying, which happens more than I’d like!

After waiting twenty minutes, with the need to pee ever increasing, we got called in. All I had been told was this appointment would be about forty five minutes long and involve lots of background questions as well as giving blood samples. We were in there for about an hour and a half. Granted this may have been due to the fact the midwife we saw got called away to help a colleague and then had to get someone else to take my blood because as per usual my veins didn’t want to play ball. The questions we were asked mainly focussed on my medical history but also touched upon my husband’s side of his family. We were asked various questions about conception, first child etc. I also had my dreaded BMI worked out. It was 38.7 so just under where I was before we got our IVF referral. I voiced concern about this with the midwife who reassured me that the majority of women they see are in the 35-39 BMI category and actually the statistics for gestational diabetes, preeclampsia etc are not that much higher. Then the subject of antenatal tests/screening came up. Luckily my husband and I had talked about this previously due to my insesent need to be prepared! We decided to go for all initial testing we are eligible for, with the plan that if we came back high risk on any of them we would talk about further testing if need be. This resulted in a big pot of pee (mine not Ian’s, I would hope that was obvious) and four vials of blood being given. I was impressed they managed to get all four vials to be honest!

What really stuck with me was that the midwife we saw was very excited that this was an IVF pregnancy. She said it was lovely to see a couple do so much for a child before they were even born. She then added we also looked very much in love and obviously cared for one another deeply which was the best environment for a child. Gave us both a warm fuzzy feeling. At this point a midwife who works in the Neuro Antenatal Clinic popped in to say hello. This was great as it gave us an opportunity to ask a few questions that the other midwife wasn’t able to answer eg birth options, Epilepsy medication information etc. We were reassured our next midwife appointment would be at the Nuero Antenatal clinic and so any further questions about care in second trimester would be answered then.

To finish off our appointment we went through my new folder of maternity notes, which I’m supposed to carry everywhere?! I can’t imagine doing that but if I go into hospital due to a seizure or something I’ll definitely bring them with me! At this point the friendly midwife told us that my next appointment would be my 12week scan. I started getting excited as I’m currently 9weeks 6days so surely the scan would only be two weeks away? Hah no! Apparently a 12week scan can actually be anytime between 10 and 14 weeks! My scan date will be coming in the post, and I just know with my luck our scan will be nearer to 14weeks. (EDIT: My scan date came in the post today, it’s on Thursday 3rd March when I’ll be 13weeks 6days pregnant! I think I’m psychic!)

There was a lot to take in today but honestly everything feels a whole lot more real! We’re having a baby! We must be, I mean we’re booked in with a midwife and hospital now so this has got to be real. Bring on that scan date!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum xx


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