Epilepsy Check Up.

Well it’s been a week full of appointments and hospital visits! On Tuesday I had the EPU scan, on Thursday it was the midwife booking appointment and today ie Friday I had my Epilepsy check up appointment. Two hospitals and three different departments in four days, it’s been a wild week.

My papa and I set a new record for waiting time for my Neuro clinic today. We were only 45minutes behind! Usually the wait is upward of an hour so today was a good day. Turns out it was a double good day as my appointment was short and sweet too. My neurologist has decided that he will not make any changes to my medication at this time. In fact he is very pleased with how I’m doing ie no Tonic Clonic seizures in about six months and only one notable prolonged absence! I’m still having daily micro absence seizures but we both agree would rather these types of seizures then the other two as they don’t have as big as an impact on my daily life. So 3500mg of Keppra for the foreseeable future it is! My neurologist was also happy to hear that I was pregnant following our IVF treatment. He asked where I would be having the baby and upon hearing I’m booked in with Neuro Antenatal Clinic was enthusiastic. One of his colleagues from the Walton Centre of Neurology is a consultant for the aforementioned clinic and so my neurologist has said he feels comfortable leaving it up to the clinic to decided if I need to up my Keppra medication dosage further along in pregnancy. As Boba grows I may need a higher dosage due to more blood in my body. We agreed that I would be back for another consult in around six months, which should be just before baby is born.

Just before I left, my neurologist called me back to tell me to remember that I’m a normal mother and if I wanted to I could breastfeed and carry my child around. I’m just like anyone else and I can choose what I want to do with my child. These words really touched me. I’m only 10weeks and yet I already know that because of my Epilepsy (let alone BMI & this being an IVF pregnancy) I’m classed as a high risk pregnancy. I don’t feel normal. Yet here was someone who knew more about my medical condition than I could ever hope to know telling me I am normal, my child will have a normal mother and that’s priceless.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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