A Very Special Day.


Four years ago today I went on my first date with my now husband. After our date we sat on a bench in a park whilst the sun set, watching people in a hotel bar and making up our own versions of what they were saying. It was at this time Ian asked me to be his girlfriend. Fast forward to present day and we’ve been through some real shit storms but we’re stronger than ever. Not only are we stronger but we’re spending our four year anniversary going out for a lovely lunch then we’re going to see our IVF miracle baby on a screen. Honestly I couldn’t wish for a better way to spend our anniversary. This time last year we had got the news that I had lost enough weight and were just waiting on our referral to the IVF clinic to go through. I would never have imagined where we’d be a year on. Anyway I’m logging off now but will finish the post later after our scan. See you on the other side!


We’ve just got home from the hospital and I’m still as emotional as I was when in the scan room. It was incredible. We’ve had two scans before this one but this is the first scan where I could actually decipher what was on the screen! There was no doubt where our baby was and exactly what they were doing. Boba is definitely our awkward little baby. When not somersaulting (we saw them literally roll/tip themselves head over feet), wriggling, coughing, yawning or stretching Boba was curled up with their belly down once again making it difficult for the sonographer to measure them! After poking my belly in different areas, pressing hard on my bladder, getting me to cough and laugh we finally got a measurement. Boba is measuring at 13weeks 4days meaning my due date is being pushed back (two days) to the 4th September. Whilst there we had the first part of the Nuchal Screening test done too. Good news Boba passed the first bit, the measurement of their neck fluid came back acceptable. We just have to wait for the blood test results which should be back within three weeks. Without further ado please find the pictures from our scan below. I’m so in love.

Boba after doing a somersault & finally cooperating!

Boba with their hands up by their face & legs all bunched up!

No news about when our next scan will be or even when I’ll be seen by the Neurology Antenatal clinic. Well that’s not true, my next scan will be around when I’ll be 18-20weeks but due to a backlog I don’t have an idea when I’ll see a midwife in the Neuro clinic. Either way I hope it isn’t too long!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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