Ambulance Ride and MAU Visit.

So yesterday was, eventful. That is being kind it was damn emotional. I got taken to hospital last night via ambulance. I hate having to go to hospital let alone by ambulance. They are a big stress trigger which means I have lots of absence seizures and then when they wheel you in on that bed all you can feel is eyes staring at you. I hate the way people look at you. Anyway I’m getting off track. I started feeling very unwell about 5pm. My feet seemed to suddenly swell up, I had abdominal pain, nausea and I had felt no movement from baby all day. I rang NHS 11 to seek advice, they sent a first response medic whilst we waited for an ambulance. My mother-in-law had popped in coincedentally and upon seeing me didn’t leave my side. Upon the medic’s arrival we found out my blood pressure was sky high and my blood sugar rock bottom. We waited for two hours for the ambulance to arrive. My husband got home an hour into the wait. Everyone but me was getting twitchy,  I was just trying to get water to stay down, fight off absence seizures and wishing all the other symptoms away.

I finally got to the MAU ( Maternity Assessment Unit) at my hospital at 8pm. I don’t remember the ambulance ride but my husband assured me I was a good passenger as there was a student medic on board and my absence seizures were a good learning experience for him! Not sure how to feel about that. I stayed on the MAU for about three hours until my blood sugar and blood pressure finally levelled out. I was on a monitoring machine that took readings every 15minutes. A midwife found Boba’s heartbeat pretty much straight away which made my husband, his mother and I all cry. Such a relief. The doctor who saw me said they did find protein and white blood cells in my water sample so this would be sent off for further tests but it was too early for preclampsia (I am 22+4). He couldn’t really give me a reason for everything except maybe I’d done too much, it was all coincidence or the heat had got to me. Apparently a day of no movement was of no real concern at this stage of pregnancy as baby hasn’t established their routine yet, despite me saying I knew when Boba was usually active. I’m not sure this goes with advice I’ve had before but what do I knowledge?! We all left the hospital at 11pm and stopped for a KFC having not eaten dinner due to being on unit.

I’m knackered. A series of absence seizures would be tiring enough without all the other stuff thrown in. I feel a bit put out we got no explanation in all honesty. If you have an explanation it’s easier to know what to avoid or what to do if it happens again. I’m so glad Boba is ok. We have our anatomy scan take 2 (blog to follow) in just under a week so will be good to get that reassurance if they decide to behave this time!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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