Catch Up, 16-20 Week of Pregnancy.

I’m back….I think. I’m aiming to be blogging regularly again (how many times have I said this) but as my life is so unpredictable right now who knows what will happen. The last time I properly blogged I was about 15weeks pregnant and admitted to be struggling with anxiety as well as accepting my pregnancy was very much real. I’m glad to say things have dramatically improved. I still have my anxiety and battle it everyday but the CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) devices I was told to try have really helped to accept my reality. And now the big catch up begins. I’ll blog right up until our twenty week scan, that deserves it’s own post!


We decorated Boba’s nursery. No furniture yet but it did me the world of good. Just having the room to go and sit in to gather my thoughts is amazing. Here is the product of our hard work:



Had my first appointment at the Neuro Antenatal Clinic. It was a great appointment with two consultants each specialising in different areas (one of course being neurology). We got an action plan for the rest of my pregnancy and care which was a big relief as I’d had to have this appointment so hadn’t felt very cared before! I will be getting extra scans at 28 and 34 weeks to check on Boba’s growth because epilepsy medication can have an effect of growth/development/weight gain so they just want to keep an extra eye on our little one to monitor this. I will be having an appointment with the neurologist in June (at about 28weeks) to check the levels of my Epilepsy medication in my system, my medication could be increased (seems unlikely as I’m already on a higher than normal dose) or an additional medication added in depending on my levels and seizure activity. Apparently tonic clonic seizure activity can increase from about 25weeks so it seems likely I will have some medication changes. The most exciting news to us was that I will be having an induction at around 38weeks, meaning we have two weeks less waiting to meet our baby than we thought! The reason my Neuro Antenatal clinic choose to induce women with epilepsy is because the environment can be more controlled if there is medical intervention ie induction. I will have to take a mild sedative for a few days before to help calm my brain/seizure activity which I’m very much at peace with. My seizure triggers are all things that occur in labor so anything we can do to reduce stress is best for me and Boba. My husband won’t admit it to many but the thing he is most scared about is me having any kind of seizure during labor! I’m back for another Neuro Antenatal appointment in July at around 31 weeks when hopefully we will be given a date for the induction!



I’ve started to feel what I think is the baby moving, little flutters every now & then almost as if I have butterflies or bubbles popping in my tummy. I can’t wait until I know for sure if it’s Boba moving! Gradually been going through our list of things to buy for baby and buying things! All very exciting, especially as when things arrive it means we get to put them in the nursery and bask for a while. Especially when we bought Boba’s Moses basket (which will eventually go in our room) seeing their first bed in their room got us both emotional. Here it is with a blanket my Grandmum knitted Boba


Anyway that’s the run down from weeks 16-20, I’ll be back with a blog post about our 20week scan soon!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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