Anatomy Scan aka 20 Week Scan.

I’m just going to put this out there as with every scan, Boba was awkward. So awkward we had to have two anatomy scans, three weeks apart! So here goes.

Take 1, Monday 18th April

Ouch! Boba has their head right by my hip bone and the ultrasound lady had to push down really hard to see them and to try to get them to move. I think Boba takes after their dad, once asleep/comfortable they won’t be moved for anything! The managed to get everything below their shoulder measured with a bit of tilting and coughing from me. So we can safely say their stomach, lungs, spine and limbs are all fine. We were worried about Boba having Spina Bifida as it can be common in babies whose mother’s take Epilepsy medications during pregnancy, so that’s one obstacle overcome.  We were then sent out for a little walk to see if Boba would move. After some star jumps, a walk, laughing, coughing and a little jog on the spot we went back in. Boba had moved! Further into my hip with their hands firmly over their face now. Even if we had wanted to find out gender we cousins have done because their legs were folded up tightly too! We have to come back within three weeks to have another go! The one picture we did get I find a bit freaky, it’s Boba spine up all curled up!


Take 2, Wednesday 11th May 

As per advice I arrived with a full bladder having drunk a bottle of Diet Coke which also usually makes Boba extra wriggly. Top tip, will be doing this with every scan from here on out! We got to see Boba’s face! Of course they were still all tightly curled up with their feet and elbows by their head, but were more active meaning in between kicking the sonographer for daring to push near them, all the extra measurements and checks we needed today were taken. All is as it should be, we were particularly interested to know about their face as again those who take some Epilepsy medications have an increased chance of having a baby with a cleft lip or palate. This can be easily fixed at a young age but it was a relief to find out our baby wouldn’t have to go through this! They were pouting and posing away. My husband saw Boba yawning which he said was incredible and after doing some live comparisons he said he is sure they have his nose. They definitely have my long legs though as Boba is measuring in at the 91st percentile for femur length! Here they are pouting away and pulling same face as my husband does when he sleeps. The family genes are strong with this one!


I’m so in love with this little one. I fall more in love every time I see them. I’ve felt some flutters and light kicks these past few weeks which is incredible. I can’t wait to have Boba kicking hard enough for my husband to feel them. It’s such an indescribeable experience that I am so grateful for. Keeping growing strong Boba, you’re so loved and cared about by so many already.

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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