Priceless Reassurance: Private Scan.

Well I say priceless reassurance but I can say this reassurance definitely had a price! I am of course talking about the private scan we booked for peace of mind. I’m going to jump right in and say I think this was the best behaved for a scan Boba has ever been. They must have known how important it was to us! We invited my mother-in-law to come with us to the scan as we thought with everything  she has done for us this week, this was best thank you gift we could give her. Well aside the roses I had given her the day before!

We didn’t have to wait very long once I booked in, although I was mid hot flash when we got called in! The room was lovley and cool though which helped. The lady put on some chill out music whilst I got myself into position and my husband and mother-in-law got co,day on the chairs facing the big screen on the wall. We dived straight in and as Boba was in a good position we all heard the heartbeat straight away, huge smiles appeared from all of us as Boba’s face appeared on the screen! As we had booked a growth scan the lady measured and checked everything around Boba as well Boba themselves, all was absolutely perfect. I’ve never felt such a huge wave of relief and love as I did in that moment.Boba has grown a lot since the last scan just over two weeks ago. They have definitely inherited my above average long legs and have an estimated weight of 2lbs which is apparently also above average! In fact they’re so above average our due date was estimated as being earlier, so no doubt upon induction Boba won’t be too far behind full term weight! After such a scary week I was wavering on our decision not to find out if Boba is a boy or girl but luckily my husband stayed strong for us both. It wouldn’t have mattered anyway though as Boba was flashing their face but after kicking the lady a lot they crossed their legs and curled up into their favourite ball position!

We also got a sneak peek at them in 3D and I couldn’t believe it, usually I find them quite freaky as they sow times just look like play dough alien splotches (apologies I’m not so good at deciphering these) but this was amazing. You could actually see our baby’s face very clearly and I can tell you they definitely pull the same face as their daddy does when asleep. In fact we got a photo of them in 3D as it was so amazing, it’s hard to get a good photo of a photo but I’ve tried

We also indulged in a rainbow teddy bear that has Boba’s heartbeat recorded into a device inside it. A rainbow bear for our rainbow baby! It may seem very cliche or weird to some but after this week squeezing that bear and hearing our baby’s heartbeat whilst I feel them kick my tummy is just amazing. We have nicknamed the teddy Boba Bear and he is going to be hugged a lot! Let alone by our oldest niece who wants to kidnap him!

I feel so many emotions right now. I finally cried about what we went through and it was very cathartic. However without that scare we would never have seen our baby on a big screen or in 3D or have Boba Bear momento. In fact my husband wouldn’t see the baby again until they are born as he can’t make any more appointments due to work. Funny how life works!

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One thought on “Priceless Reassurance: Private Scan.

  1. mum100blog says:

    oh oh oh!! My heart just exploded at this. Such a wonderful relief that everything is okay after what you’ve been through. Boba is beautiful and Boba Bear is cool.

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