28 Week Epilepsy Meds Review.

I had an appointment with the Neurologist from my Neuro Antenatal clinic today. This appointment was to talk about my recent seizure activity, my medication and plans moving forward. After an about average wait of 30minutes (in my experience this is pretty good) I got called in. It was quite a thorough appointment with us talking about recent seizure activity, when my seizures started, what medications I’ve been on over the years (spoiler alert: it’s a lot) and of course the fact I am on what is considered a high dose of Keppra. Usually pregnant women have their dose of Keppra increased but because I already deal with the fatigue/anger sideffects and the fact my dose is high means it isn’t as easy/direct an option for me. So we have a three point plan moving forward. Continue reading


Extra Growth Scan: 28 Weeks.

Today I had the first of my extra scans to check on our Boba’s growth. I am having two extra scans in total, these are to check that my Epilepsy medication isn’t having an impact on Boba’s growth and development. I think it is standard procedure for the Neuro Antenatal clinic I attend to book these extra scans but they were particularly keen for me to have them as I am on a higher than normally prescribed dose of my type of medication (Keppra 3500mg daily if you’re interested). The first of these scans was today, as I mentioned, at 28weeks 1day pregnant the next scan being when I will be 34weeks 1day pregnant. Continue reading

My Plus Size Pregnancy Bump.

I am deemed as a plus size woman. I wear UK size 20 maternity clothes (thank goodness for Asos Maternity), that’s a size 18 in the US/CAN. I am also, as regular readers and tweeters know, 27weeks pregnant. During our fresh and frozen embryo cycle of IVF I put on all the weight I had lost to be eligible for NHS funded IVF. All worth it to be able to say I am 27weeks pregnant of course! However society hates plus size people. It’s a fact. People are fat shamed just for being themselves. Women’s magazines are filled with articles on the latest diets and shaming celebrities who are above a size 6 and God forbid wore a bikini on holiday! If you’re above a UK size 12 (US 10) you’re made to feel not skinny enough, get above a UK size 18 (US 16) and you’re disgusting. This doesn’t go away when you’re pregnant. In fact there is a whole world of different shame thrust upon you when plus sized and pregnant. Continue reading