Extra Growth Scan: 28 Weeks.

Today I had the first of my extra scans to check on our Boba’s growth. I am having two extra scans in total, these are to check that my Epilepsy medication isn’t having an impact on Boba’s growth and development. I think it is standard procedure for the Neuro Antenatal clinic I attend to book these extra scans but they were particularly keen for me to have them as I am on a higher than normally prescribed dose of my type of medication (Keppra 3500mg daily if you’re interested). The first of these scans was today, as I mentioned, at 28weeks 1day pregnant the next scan being when I will be 34weeks 1day pregnant.

My mum came with me today as my husband can’t take anymore time off work. Of course my mum was very excited about getting to see her first grandchild in real time not just via a scan photo. We were rather lucky as I don’t think we waited even five minutes before we were called in, remarkable really as we were fifteen minutes early! I assumed the position on the bed, proudly displaying my belly and praying Boba was going to be cooperative. The sonographer found Boba straight away but soon discovered they were tucked up near my right hip bone, laying face down on their hands. Honestly this baby, awkward and camera shy as ever! The sonographer was lovely and managed to get all the measurements needed. I was impressed as usually they can’t get everything because of how baby is laying. This time we got head circumference, femur length, abdomen circumference and an estimated weight. We didn’t get any pictures due to Boba’s position unsurprisingly! This scan was different to others as once finished I was asked to return to the waiting room so the lady could interpret and plot the measurements before explaining them to me. Again we didn’t have to wait long as the lady soon came out to see mum and I. We learnt that for my height and weight Boba is measuring just above average. Percentile wise we’re still very much on track for a long baby, who it seems has a very large head (measuring in at 88th percentile & 4 weeks ahead) God help me!

I am quite pleased overall. Being told that for my height and weight Boba is measuring as average is a huge relief. It means that although I’m on a high dose of Epilepsy medication (even though it’s a supposedly safer drug) so far the baby’s growth/development hasn’t been affected. I do have an appointment with the Neurologist tomorrow to talk about adding in another Epilepsy medication. With my big tonic clonic seizure three weeks ago they want to add in more medication before my seizure activity gets worse. A preventative action if you will, as the third trimester is the time when if seizure frequency was going to increase it would be now. Hopefully this extra medication won’t affect Boba’s growth either. Time will tell. Just six weeks until the next growth scan. Please keep growing well Boba.

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