28 Week Epilepsy Meds Review.

I had an appointment with the Neurologist from my Neuro Antenatal clinic today. This appointment was to talk about my recent seizure activity, my medication and plans moving forward. After an about average wait of 30minutes (in my experience this is pretty good) I got called in. It was quite a thorough appointment with us talking about recent seizure activity, when my seizures started, what medications I’ve been on over the years (spoiler alert: it’s a lot) and of course the fact I am on what is considered a high dose of Keppra. Usually pregnant women have their dose of Keppra increased but because I already deal with the fatigue/anger sideffects and the fact my dose is high means it isn’t as easy/direct an option for me. So we have a three point plan moving forward.

Firstly, I had some bloods taken to check the level of Keppra in my system. If the level of Keppra is not at the upper limit of normal range I will be increasing my dose. If my Keppra levels are at the high end I will be adding in a new (well, old to me) medication called Lamotrigine. I should get a call by next Friday (24th June) from either the Neurologist or my GP to tell me which option of this plan will be implenteted. Fingers crossed I hear quickly, being in the zone when seizure frequency is set to increase and being in plan limbo is not great for my anxiety levels. Secondly,  I will be back at the Neuro Antenatal clinic in about three weeks to discuss induction etc. and then will see the Neurologist on her own first week of August. Thirdly, I’ll see the same Neurologist fairly promptlyafter having Boba. This is because depending on how much medication I am taking towards the end of the pregnancy I may need to reduce the dose within the first postpartum week but if sideffects aren’t too bad then we will leave it a whole ten days post deliver. Aren’t I lucky?

Next up in this months appointment extravaganza I have a community midwife check up and a whooping cough injection next week. Hoping I can finish this month with no more Tonic Clonic seizures and whilst I’m wishing, no more Prolonged Absence seizures either!

Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x


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