Information Overload.

Today was my second appointment at the Neurology Antenatal clinic. I think it may have been one of the most information packed appointments I’ve had so far. Or maybe it just feels this way because everything discussed was important thus a lot to take in! I think the Consultant Obstetrician and Neurologist noticed this as I was asked a few times if I had understood and taken the information in. Luckily my Papa was with me just in case I did miss something.

To start with we discussed the Tonic Clonic seizure that lead to my overnight hospital stay (can’t believe that was 6 weeks ago) and a Tonic Clonic seizure I had in my sleep last week which of course lead us to talking about the medication plan. Continue reading


A Year On.

Every once in a while Facebook pleasantly surprises me, today was one of those days thanks to their “On This Day” feature. Today I discovered it is one year since we took and shared the photo featured on this blog post i.e. it is one year since we had our egg collection. I didn’t think that date would ever leave my head but with everything that has gone on since I’m not surprised it did!

When we took this we had no idea what would happen. We hoped that one of those eggs they collected would fertilise, implant and become our take home baby. We also dared to dream we would get enough embryos to freeze to use for future cycles. Bits of both of those dreams came true. We got one embryo to freeze and that one miracle frostie is our take home baby due on the 4th September this year!

This picture was taken the day our Boba was made! Happy made day Boba, we love you so much and can’t wait to meet you. Thank you for making this Facebook memory a nice one!


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