Information Overload.

Today was my second appointment at the Neurology Antenatal clinic. I think it may have been one of the most information packed appointments I’ve had so far. Or maybe it just feels this way because everything discussed was important thus a lot to take in! I think the Consultant Obstetrician and Neurologist noticed this as I was asked a few times if I had understood and taken the information in. Luckily my Papa was with me just in case I did miss something.

To start with we discussed the Tonic Clonic seizure that lead to my overnight hospital stay (can’t believe that was 6 weeks ago) and a Tonic Clonic seizure I had in my sleep last week which of course lead us to talking about the medication plan. My Keppra blood levels came back at an acceptable level which means that we will go with the plan to increase this rather than adding in a different medication at this time. So over the next few weeks I’ll be upping my dose of Keppra from 1500/2000mg a day to 2000/2250mg a day. I’ve got to increase my morning dose this week then over the following two weeks I’ll increase my evening dose. It’s a process I’m quite comfortable with as at this point I’ve done it a lot with a fair amount of different medications. I already had an extra growth scan booked in for when I’ll be 34weeks (just over a fortnight away eep!) but the Obstetrician has asked me to come back to see her the day after this scan. Mainly so she can look at Boba’s measurements to check the extra levels of Keppra aren’t having an effect on them. As I’m in the third trimester this is less to do with development and more to monitor weight gain. I’ll also be back to see the Neurologist on 1st August, when I’ll be 35weeks, to check the new dose of Keppra is doing the job and controlling my Tonic Clonic seizures well. It’s especially important to get my seizures controlled as much as possible to cut down on risks in labour. To help with this I’ll also be adding in a drug called Clobazam a week before our induction. This is another anti-convulsant medication that my consultants say will help to calm the electrical activity in my brain that may increase due to my seizure triggers being things very common in labour ie stress, anxiety, lack of sleep, hormone changes etc. Of course we couldn’t discuss all of this without actually talking about a date for my induction. I’m so excited to say we have a date! On Wednesday 24th August we will be starting the process of meeting our baby! It’s a few days later than we were expecting and so the husband will have to shuffle his leave round a bit, but it feels so good to have an official date.

On top of all this I got homework in the form of a booklet to read about the induction process and learnt that my Gestational Diabetes test came back clear! As you can imagine it was a lot to take in at the time. Now I’ve got over the feeling of being inundated with information I am definitely feeling excited and, importantly, supported. I’m getting more monitoring during this, my last trimester, than I did in the first and second which I’m very grateful for. This way when I find myself worrying about the slightest twinge or baby having a quiet hour I know I’m never too far off seeing a professional!

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