Different Waiting.

About an hour after I blogged about Waiting Again I received a call from our clinic! Continue reading


Waiting Again.

As regular readers and Twitter followers will know I had my blood tests last Thursday. I hadn’t realised it was a drop in service and so arrived at 8:15am just as my letter told me to. I didn’t mind though as it meant I was the first one in the queue, hurrah! All went without a hitch which Continue reading

Updated: More Good News Letters!

Following on from our good news in March, as I blogged about HERE, we again received good news via letter, but not just one letter or piece of good newsbut two! Our local clinic has processed our IVF eligibility forms and we have been approved for IVF on the NHS. We are also lucky as the information sheet that came with this letter, goes on to say that we will be funded for up to three cycles of IVF and/or six cycles of IUI! The second letter confirmed we had been accepted for NHS funded treatment and that the clinic were now in a position to offer us a place at the next Patient Information Evening. I just had to ring the clinic to arrange this. Continue reading

Sharing Challenge.

People don’t usually acknowledge that they are trying to have a baby until they announce they are 12 weeks gone and provide an ultrasound scan picture for you to coo over. I think this makes admitting/acknowledging you are having difficulty trying to conceive harder. How much do you tell people? Have you actually told people? Are you planning on telling people? Questions. Pressures. Continue reading

Updated: Best Letter of 2015 So Far!

I haven’t blogged since the first day of spring, the day we got the go ahead for our referral to a local IVF clinic. It’s been a lovely few weeks filled with positivity and happiness. I’ve been doing so well with my IVF Diet last few weeks too, well aside this past week with it being Easter Bank holiday and having a friend to stay but that’s another story! We got an exciting development today that I wanted to share. Continue reading


In my last blog I mentioned about how I had been feeling like we were in a state of limbo. Our appointment about our IVF referral is in 7 days. I was supposed to be starting a new cycle today and looking forward to next week’s news. Instead I feel unsure about what is happening with my body. This is exactly what I don’t need the week before eh at could be a big turning point of our trying to conceive journey. Continue reading

Flip Flop.

Trying to conceive when you have fertility issues is a rollercoaster of emotions. No day seems to be unaffected. Hoping this cycle will be your time. Taking a pregnancy test only for a line to appear in the control window and for the test zone to remain clear. The sadnesses and disappointment overtaking your body, hope fading a little bit more. Add on the fact that I have to be aware of everything I eat, to lose the weight needed so we can have IVF, and I’m mixed up. Flip. Flop. Continue reading