28 Week Epilepsy Meds Review.

I had an appointment with the Neurologist from my Neuro Antenatal clinic today. This appointment was to talk about my recent seizure activity, my medication and plans moving forward. After an about average wait of 30minutes (in my experience this is pretty good) I got called in. It was quite a thorough appointment with us talking about recent seizure activity, when my seizures started, what medications I’ve been on over the years (spoiler alert: it’s a lot) and of course the fact I am on what is considered a high dose of Keppra. Usually pregnant women have their dose of Keppra increased but because I already deal with the fatigue/anger sideffects and the fact my dose is high means it isn’t as easy/direct an option for me. So we have a three point plan moving forward. Continue reading


I’m Not Crazy…Am I?

I’ve really been struggling with my mental health the last few weeks. I haven’t told anyone until this past week when I confessed to my husband. He said I sounded silly and not to be crazy which made me internalise more. I’ve tried to shove those thoughts away, telling myself to just focus on other things yet they come creeping back. It doesn’t matter how often or who tells me the thoughts aren’t real I can’t fully shake them. I know they aren’t real and yet at times I don’t. Continue reading


Once again I’ve neglected my blog. I’ve promised myself that I’ll try to blog at least once a week from now on, hopefully I can stick to it!

Today I am three days away from our Nuchal Dating (12 week) scan. I’ll be 13weeks and 6days at that point which means we should definitely hear Boba’s heartbeat and see them really clearly. Which is good because in all honesty I’ve had trouble deciphering our previous scans! This time last week I was really excited about our scan and yet now I’m nervous. Continue reading

Epilepsy Check Up.

Well it’s been a week full of appointments and hospital visits! On Tuesday I had the EPU scan, on Thursday it was the midwife booking appointment and today ie Friday I had my Epilepsy check up appointment. Two hospitals and three different departments in four days, it’s been a wild week.

My papa and I set a new record for waiting time for my Neuro clinic today. We were only 45minutes behind! Usually the wait is upward of an hour so today was a good day. Turns out it was a double good day as my appointment was short and sweet too. My neurologist has decided Continue reading

Booking In.

Well today was another milestone in our baby journey! We had our booking in appointment with a midwife today. After we get all booked in I will be referred to the Neuro Antenatal Clinic,which I mentioned briefly in the last paragraph of this post. The Neuro Antenatal Clinic has consultant lead care and midwife who have more than basic understanding of neurological conditions. As someone with Epilepsy I can’t express how amazing this is. To know that I’ll be able to talk about my Epilepsy and seizure types without having to explain everything I’m saying, which happens more than I’d like!

After waiting twenty minutes, with the need to pee ever increasing, we got called in. Continue reading

Resetting the Seizure Clock.

Last night I had my first Prolonged Absence seizure in around 7 months. A Prolonged Absence seizure is very different to a typical form of absence. A Prolonged Absence is also known as an Atypical Absence. They last much longer, minutes to hours compared to a few seconds of a typical absence. My husband describes me as being a 6ft tall toddler during a Prolonged Absence. I become confused, lost, clumsy and uncommunicative. Last night was apparently a new level. I don’t really remember any of yesterday but luckily I made notes on my phone so I can write this post. Continue reading

FET#1 Buserelin Crazy.

This morning I did (or more accurately I had given to me) my tenth Buserelin injection. I am fully feeling the sideffects right now. During IVF #1 I was lucky in that the only real sideffect I got with my stimms was bloating. It was uncomfortable but to be expected seeing as you are making your ovaries grow far more follicles at once then they normally would! This FET is the first time I have down regulated (ie taken Buserelin injections) so I wasn’t sure what to expect. Continue reading

FET #1 Drugs Appointment.

So today was the day I had my drugs appointment for our frozen embryo transfer cycle. The clinic rang me two hours early, which in fact woke me up so I’m sure I sounded ridiculous whilst confirming my details with the nurse. Still once my brain knew this was the important call, I seemed to be fully awake within minutes!

I blogged about our drugs delivery last week and how I had received the drug Norethisterone and wasn’t really sure why. The first thing the nurse said was that I am to start Buserelin injections CD23 (cycle day 23)! I got excited but managed to ask Continue reading

Epilepsy Action Sefton Coast Walk.

Yesterday my husband, niece, our shihtzu Spike and I took part in the Epilepsy Action Sefton Coast Walk. This was a 4.5 mile walk to raise money for the charity Epilepsy Action. We paid the entrance fee for a family ticket which was £20 and not only did it cover a train ticket back to the start, we also got a bottle of water and a snack. I believe some of the money that was leftover from the event costs also went to Epilepsy Action which is amazing. Originally it was just going to be my husband and I doing the walk, but due to last minute babysitting duties our niece P came along too! P was really excited as she was meant to take part in this walk last year but couldn’t due to a chest infection.

 The top three pictures Continue reading


I’ve been struggling the past few days. I’ve voiced this partially on Twitter but then followed this up with tweets telling myself not to wallow. I’ve not actually voiced how much I am struggling. I just can’t seem to be able to gather my thoughts enough to tell anyone exactly what I’m struggling with. Until now, I’m making a conscious effort to write it all out. Think my body and mind are getting tired of “running just to stand still”. Continue reading