Gratitude 30: Day 30

I can’t believe I’ve reached the end of this project. It’s been a brilliant distraction and I’ll miss it, I honestly believe it has helped me stay as positive as I have been the last few weeks.

Day 30: Self Love

I love myself enough to do this to myself. Putting lots of strong epilepsy medications into my body just for the chance to control my seizures. Eating seeds and nuts on my cereal to encourage my womb lining to grow. Making a chart of what/how many IVF drugs to take each day to give my body the chance to love something else. 

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Gratitude 30: Day 29

Day 29: Creativity
This a snapshot of two projects I’m currently working on. One involving buttons for a friend’s wedding next July and one involving making Pom Poms for a Christmas garland. I’ve always loved having an arts & crafts projects on the go. I’m grateful for this as it means I always have something to do! My mum used to say that anyone can be creative, creativity comes from within and I totally believe this is true. Creativity means something different to everyone and that’s great! Continue reading

Gratitude 30: Day 26

Day 26: Family.

Family is so important to me, but alas you cannot choose your family. There are some family members on my husband’s side that I/we just don’t get on with, they don’t have our backs and that’s ultimately been their loss. Enough about them though. These are the people that matter, the fmaily I love most in the world, in no particular order here are my family: my husband & our furbaby spike, my Grandmum & Grandad, my brother & his girlfriend, my mum & papa, my 9yo & 12yo nieces and last but by no means least my mother-in-law & our now 9mo niece. These are people who can make me smile at my lowest. Be it a cuddle or good bit of sibling teasing! I’m grateful to have a select few members of my family who I know I can go to, who I know are routing for and love me no matter what. Continue reading

Gratitude 30: Day 24

Day 24: Knowledge

A snapshot of one of our bookshelves, as with everything in our house a real assortment. My Papa always told me that it doesn’t matter what you read (fiction or non-fiction) every book adds to your knowledge. I’m grateful that I enjoy reading and that my Papa raised me to read anything and everything. Knowledge comes from a variety of things. Books and experiences included, neither one is better, just different. Continue reading

Gratitude 30: Day 23

Day 23: Scent

My current two favourite scented candles. My parents gave me the Pear one & it fills the entire room with the most relaxing lovely smell. I am saving the Apple Cinnamon for December as it smells so Christmassy! When I’m feeling stressed or out of sorts these smells help bring me back to reality and for that I’m grateful. I can’t have candles lit unless the room is bright due to the flickering flames not being great for the photosensitive side of my epilepsy, but in a well lit room these candles are a perfect addition to a good book or colouring in marathon for that much needed relaxation time. Especially during the two week wait! Continue reading

Gratitude 30: Day 22

Day 22: Time.

This is one of my favourite sayings/quote. It’s hard to remember this sometimes, especially with infertility and IVF! They seem to take over our lives in a way we never even thought possible. It’s important to enjoy life, because otherwise you’re living in limbo and just wasting time. Take time to enjoy your life, whatever is going on, whatever hardships you’re facing take the time to have fun, laugh and create memories. We regret what we didn’t do more than what we do and we can’t regret if we enjoy our time on this earth! Continue reading

Gratitude 30: Day 21

Day 21: Technology
The two most important pieces of technology I own, my iPhone & the iPad I won in a competition a few years ago now. I’m grateful to have them as they enable me to do so much like making new friends on twitter who have given me so much support with our IVF journey & of course blogging!

 Blog/Tweet soon @HopeEpiMum x