FET #1: Official Test Day (backdated)

Before reading please know that this is a backdated blog. I wrote it on our test day but did not publish until now in case family members read it. I didn’t want them finding out via a blog post when we wanted to tell them after we have had our 7 week scan. Some may say this is a little early but honestly we know we could not hold this news in any longer!

It’s 8am on Sunday 27th December 2015 aka our Frozen Embryo Test (FET) Official Test Day (OTD). My husband and I are currently sat clinging to eachother’s hands waiting for the three minutes to be up so he can read what the result is on this Clearblue pregnancy test stick! Why does this take so long?! Continue reading


FET #1: Boba’s wombcoming.

It’s 9:30am on Wednesday 16th December and I can hear my phone ringing in the bedroom from where I am in the bathroom. So I do what every logical thinking woman would do, I neglect to flush the toilet and run towards the bedroom yelling at my phone to not stop ringing. I open the bedroom door so violently I scare my husband, leap over the bed and pick up my phone. Continue reading

Resetting the Seizure Clock.

Last night I had my first Prolonged Absence seizure in around 7 months. A Prolonged Absence seizure is very different to a typical form of absence. A Prolonged Absence is also known as an Atypical Absence. They last much longer, minutes to hours compared to a few seconds of a typical absence. My husband describes me as being a 6ft tall toddler during a Prolonged Absence. I become confused, lost, clumsy and uncommunicative. Last night was apparently a new level. I don’t really remember any of yesterday but luckily I made notes on my phone so I can write this post. Continue reading

FET #1 Buserelin Day 3.

It is my third day of my FET Buserelin injections. It is also my birthday and THIS is how my lovely husband marked the occasion this morning. If you can’t watch the video, it’s basically my husband slowly singing happy birthday to me whilst preparing my morning Buserelin injection! To those not in the IVF bubble it could come across as a bit creepy seeing as though he is singing slowly, in a half lit room whilst flicking a needle for air bubbles! Ah the fun we have!

As I mentioned today marks the third day of my buserelin injections. Continue reading

IVF Project: Help Wanted.

In early October I was approached by a journalism university student in her final year about to do her final year project. This project was to be based around IVF and the emotional impact it has on those doing it. I was asked if I would be willing to take part in this project, I jumped at the opportunity. This blog is about that ongoing project and the hope that it may inspire other readers to take part. Especially during this week, UK National Fertility Awareness Week!

As I mentioned in the intro for this blog, this project is run by a final year journalism, a girl called Megan Coutts. The project is being focused around the emotional effects of IVF, Continue reading

UK National Fertility Awareness Week.

Today marks the start of National  Fertility Awareness Week here in the UK. All this week I am sharing facts and personal stories on my Instagram (LottieHope) my Twitter account (@HopeEpiMum ) and my Facebook account. Here in the UK one in six couples struggle with fertility issues. This week is about raising awareness and helping get rid of some of that stigma/taboo that surrounds infertility. I stand proudly and wear my IVF badge with pride, this is part of me and I will not be silenced or ashamed of that. I will be blogging as much as I can this week, especially as it coincides with my starting week of our FET. Continue reading

IVF#1 Follow Up.

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for since our official test day (OTD), our follow up appointment with a consultant. We got our BFN 1 month and 5 days ago. I had just begun to feel “normal” and like I was getting back into our usual routine in our new home when bam, two appointments at the IVF clinic in one week. Counselling and follow up. Two big reminders of what we have been through. The joys of being a couple trying to conceive when you have fertility issues! Continue reading