My Plus Size Pregnancy Bump.

I am deemed as a plus size woman. I wear UK size 20 maternity clothes (thank goodness for Asos Maternity), that’s a size 18 in the US/CAN. I am also, as regular readers and tweeters know, 27weeks pregnant. During our fresh and frozen embryo cycle of IVF I put on all the weight I had lost to be eligible for NHS funded IVF. All worth it to be able to say I am 27weeks pregnant of course! However society hates plus size people. It’s a fact. People are fat shamed just for being themselves. Women’s magazines are filled with articles on the latest diets and shaming celebrities who are above a size 6 and God forbid wore a bikini on holiday! If you’re above a UK size 12 (US 10) you’re made to feel not skinny enough, get above a UK size 18 (US 16) and you’re disgusting. This doesn’t go away when you’re pregnant. In fact there is a whole world of different shame thrust upon you when plus sized and pregnant. Continue reading


I’m Not Crazy…Am I?

I’ve really been struggling with my mental health the last few weeks. I haven’t told anyone until this past week when I confessed to my husband. He said I sounded silly and not to be crazy which made me internalise more. I’ve tried to shove those thoughts away, telling myself to just focus on other things yet they come creeping back. It doesn’t matter how often or who tells me the thoughts aren’t real I can’t fully shake them. I know they aren’t real and yet at times I don’t. Continue reading