Absence makes the blogger less relevant.

Hi readers…if there are still some of you out there! Once again I’ve been a bad blogger, having not done a post for six whole months! A lot has happened. Boba arrived safe  and healthy in August, HE (yes we had a boy!) is our perfect little miracle. He is the clone of his Daddy with bits of my personality *cough*stubborn streak*cough* thrown in.

With the newborn days behind us I’m hoping I can get back to blogging regularly again. Only now I’ll be blogging about being a full time mum whilst living with Epilepsy. That’s the plan anyway, best intentions eh?! I’ve also closed my trying to conceive twitter account and decided I’ll be tweeting about PCOS, Epilepsy, Boba aka Baby Bear, sharing the odd picture and offering infertility supper from my @SaucyCHC account.

Blog/Tweet Soon @SaucyCHC x


Information Overload.

Today was my second appointment at the Neurology Antenatal clinic. I think it may have been one of the most information packed appointments I’ve had so far. Or maybe it just feels this way because everything discussed was important thus a lot to take in! I think the Consultant Obstetrician and Neurologist noticed this as I was asked a few times if I had understood and taken the information in. Luckily my Papa was with me just in case I did miss something.

To start with we discussed the Tonic Clonic seizure that lead to my overnight hospital stay (can’t believe that was 6 weeks ago) and a Tonic Clonic seizure I had in my sleep last week which of course lead us to talking about the medication plan. Continue reading

28 Week Epilepsy Meds Review.

I had an appointment with the Neurologist from my Neuro Antenatal clinic today. This appointment was to talk about my recent seizure activity, my medication and plans moving forward. After an about average wait of 30minutes (in my experience this is pretty good) I got called in. It was quite a thorough appointment with us talking about recent seizure activity, when my seizures started, what medications I’ve been on over the years (spoiler alert: it’s a lot) and of course the fact I am on what is considered a high dose of Keppra. Usually pregnant women have their dose of Keppra increased but because I already deal with the fatigue/anger sideffects and the fact my dose is high means it isn’t as easy/direct an option for me. So we have a three point plan moving forward. Continue reading

Extra Growth Scan: 28 Weeks.

Today I had the first of my extra scans to check on our Boba’s growth. I am having two extra scans in total, these are to check that my Epilepsy medication isn’t having an impact on Boba’s growth and development. I think it is standard procedure for the Neuro Antenatal clinic I attend to book these extra scans but they were particularly keen for me to have them as I am on a higher than normally prescribed dose of my type of medication (Keppra 3500mg daily if you’re interested). The first of these scans was today, as I mentioned, at 28weeks 1day pregnant the next scan being when I will be 34weeks 1day pregnant. Continue reading

Priceless Reassurance: Private Scan.

Well I say priceless reassurance but I can say this reassurance definitely had a price! I am of course talking about the private scan we booked for peace of mind. I’m going to jump right in and say I think this was the best behaved for a scan Boba has ever been. They must have known how important it was to us! We invited my mother-in-law to come with us to the scan as we thought with everything  she has done for us this week, this was best thank you gift we could give her. Well aside the roses I had given her the day before!

We didn’t have to wait very long once I booked in, Continue reading

Epilepsy Strikes Back: 25 Week Scare & 2 MAU Visits.

This post is written looking back over last week. It was too raw and my head too muddled to write this post at the time. I’m still emotional now nearly a week later and this is written with the help of what people say happened and my own scribbles written whilst coming around. It is a real account of what has happened and what Tonic Clonic seizures are like, let alone living Tonic Clonic seizures during pregnancy!

I woke up to the dog barking in my face and licking my cheek. I instantly knew what had happened. Continue reading

Catch Up, 16-20 Week of Pregnancy.

I’m back….I think. I’m aiming to be blogging regularly again (how many times have I said this) but as my life is so unpredictable right now who knows what will happen. The last time I properly blogged I was about 15weeks pregnant and admitted to be struggling with anxiety as well as accepting my pregnancy was very much real. I’m glad to say things have dramatically improved. I still have my anxiety and battle it everyday but the CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) devices I was told to try have really helped to accept my reality. And now the big catch up begins. I’ll blog right up until our twenty week scan, that deserves it’s own post! Continue reading

Ambulance Ride and MAU Visit.

So yesterday was, eventful. That is being kind it was damn emotional. I got taken to hospital last night via ambulance. I hate having to go to hospital let alone by ambulance. They are a big stress trigger which means I have lots of absence seizures and then when they wheel you in on that bed all you can feel is eyes staring at you. I hate the way people look at you. Anyway I’m getting off track. I started feeling very unwell about 5pm. My feet seemed to suddenly swell up, I had abdominal pain, nausea and I had felt no movement from baby all day. I rang NHS 11 to seek advice, Continue reading