My Plus Size Pregnancy Bump.

I am deemed as a plus size woman. I wear UK size 20 maternity clothes (thank goodness for Asos Maternity), that’s a size 18 in the US/CAN. I am also, as regular readers and tweeters know, 27weeks pregnant. During our fresh and frozen embryo cycle of IVF I put on all the weight I had lost to be eligible for NHS funded IVF. All worth it to be able to say I am 27weeks pregnant of course! However society hates plus size people. It’s a fact. People are fat shamed just for being themselves. Women’s magazines are filled with articles on the latest diets and shaming celebrities who are above a size 6 and God forbid wore a bikini on holiday! If you’re above a UK size 12 (US 10) you’re made to feel not skinny enough, get above a UK size 18 (US 16) and you’re disgusting. This doesn’t go away when you’re pregnant. In fact there is a whole world of different shame thrust upon you when plus sized and pregnant. Continue reading


Catch Up, 16-20 Week of Pregnancy.

I’m back….I think. I’m aiming to be blogging regularly again (how many times have I said this) but as my life is so unpredictable right now who knows what will happen. The last time I properly blogged I was about 15weeks pregnant and admitted to be struggling with anxiety as well as accepting my pregnancy was very much real. I’m glad to say things have dramatically improved. I still have my anxiety and battle it everyday but the CBT (cognitive behaviour therapy) devices I was told to try have really helped to accept my reality. And now the big catch up begins. I’ll blog right up until our twenty week scan, that deserves it’s own post! Continue reading


Once again I’ve neglected my blog. I’ve promised myself that I’ll try to blog at least once a week from now on, hopefully I can stick to it!

Today I am three days away from our Nuchal Dating (12 week) scan. I’ll be 13weeks and 6days at that point which means we should definitely hear Boba’s heartbeat and see them really clearly. Which is good because in all honesty I’ve had trouble deciphering our previous scans! This time last week I was really excited about our scan and yet now I’m nervous. Continue reading

Booking In.

Well today was another milestone in our baby journey! We had our booking in appointment with a midwife today. After we get all booked in I will be referred to the Neuro Antenatal Clinic,which I mentioned briefly in the last paragraph of this post. The Neuro Antenatal Clinic has consultant lead care and midwife who have more than basic understanding of neurological conditions. As someone with Epilepsy I can’t express how amazing this is. To know that I’ll be able to talk about my Epilepsy and seizure types without having to explain everything I’m saying, which happens more than I’d like!

After waiting twenty minutes, with the need to pee ever increasing, we got called in. Continue reading

A Sigh of Relief.

Today was the day of our Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) scan. Unfortunately, my husband couldn’t get the time off work at such short notice so he was feeling even more angsty about what the appointment would hold. Luckily I didn’t have to go alone (not sure I ciudad have handled that to be honest) my mum used some of her work flexi time to come with me. There was a bit of a wait before I got called in, which didn’t help with the nerves especially as there were a few pregnant women there with young children who were running around without a care in the world. I found myself praying that I would never have to be back in this room and that in a few years we would have a toddler running about without a care in the world. Continue reading

An Endless Evening.

Today I am 9weeks pregnant and this evening has felt endless. From about five o’clock I had strong cramps. My husband was going out for drinks with work friends so although I was in discomfort I told him to go ahead with his plans. I held out for a while before I texted to say it was too much but I got no reply. I rang my Mother-In-Law to ask where the nearest walk in centre was, halfway through I burst into tears. My cramps weren’t stopping and I had noticed some spotting when I went to the toilet. My Mother-In-Law was amazing, telling me she would be round ASAP and told me to just relax whilst she contacted my husband. About 45 minutes later my Mother-In-Law arrived and told me to get in the car because we were going to the emergency gynocology department & early pregnancy unit (EPU) at a local hospital. I was so grateful, we picked up my husband from the train station and made the journey to the hospital. Continue reading

BFP and Early Weight Worries.

Once again this is a backdated blog, written before we announced our BFP. These feelings are still relevant though. I am not ungrateful but I want to show that wherever you are in your journey things are hard.

It’s 12:47 on Tuesday 12th January, my 7 week scan is just three days away. I saw my GP about 10 days ago to confirm my pregnancy and was advised to ring for an appointment with a midwife the first week of February. I haven’t had my 7 week scan and I haven’t had my booking-in appointment with a midwife yet, however I’ve already been talked to about gestational diabetes. Continue reading

Boba’s First Scan.

I can’t believe I’m writing this, today is the day of our seven week scan. Today I am 7 weeks pregnant and saw our baby for the first time since they were a little blastocyst in a dish in the clinic embryology lab! I went in feeling sick, I can’t say if this was nerves, excitement or simply morning sickness in reality it was probably due to all three!  Continue reading