Fat and Vulnerable.

I want to like my body. Yet I don’t. I want to be happy with myself even for just a day. Yet I’ve never had the pleasure. I’m bringing the truth about being eternally fat today. I’m being vulnerable. Fat and vulnerable to be precise. I don’t remember an age when I didn’t feel bigger than everyone else. Not just because of my height but also because of my weight. Here goes my story. Continue reading


Losing Weight with Epilepsy.

Losing weight can be difficult when you’re also battling against uncontrolled Epilepsy or indeed controlled Epilepsy. This is due to many different things for example gaining or losing weight can have effect on medication as it may alter the amount you have in your body and diets that encourage fasting or lower calorie intake ie less than the recommended amount, can also have a negative affect and may increase the likelihood of a seizure. Losing weight can also be difficult when you have PCOS due to Insulin resistance and the way the body reacts to sugar and starch.

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Marriage and New Goals.

Sorry for radio silence once again it’s been a busy couple of weeks…namely due to the fact that we got married!!

I’ve officially been somebody’s wife for just over a week now. I have to admit it’s still rather surreal. Creating a new signature and changing all my details with everyone I can think of eg Tax Office, Bank, Phone Company etc. etc. no one really tells you about that bit, the bit after the wedding whereby you have so much legal stuff to do you hadn’t even thought of! Enough of the wedding talk, I’ve been told recently that it isn’t as interesting once you’re married! Continue reading