NFAW: Supporting The Men Webinar.

Last night the charity Infertility Network UK along with Russell Davis of The Fertile Mind hosted a web seminar (webinar if you will) titled “Supporting The Men”. It was focused around men, how they feel, what support they need and how their emotions differ. My husband and I decided to sign up to watch. I was surprised my husband agreed in all honesty but I’m glad he did because it was actually really helpful. Before I get into the seminar itself I realise that some of the things can be quite generalised and stereotypical but are still relevant. I’m afraid this post focuses more on a heterosexual couple struggling with infertility and going through IVF. Continue reading


FET #1 Drugs Appointment.

So today was the day I had my drugs appointment for our frozen embryo transfer cycle. The clinic rang me two hours early, which in fact woke me up so I’m sure I sounded ridiculous whilst confirming my details with the nurse. Still once my brain knew this was the important call, I seemed to be fully awake within minutes!

I blogged about our drugs delivery last week and how I had received the drug Norethisterone and wasn’t really sure why. The first thing the nurse said was that I am to start Buserelin injections CD23 (cycle day 23)! I got excited but managed to ask Continue reading

IVF Project: Help Wanted.

In early October I was approached by a journalism university student in her final year about to do her final year project. This project was to be based around IVF and the emotional impact it has on those doing it. I was asked if I would be willing to take part in this project, I jumped at the opportunity. This blog is about that ongoing project and the hope that it may inspire other readers to take part. Especially during this week, UK National Fertility Awareness Week!

As I mentioned in the intro for this blog, this project is run by a final year journalism, a girl called Megan Coutts. The project is being focused around the emotional effects of IVF, Continue reading